Jericho Circle Project

Latest News

The Jericho Circle Project is currently operating weekly men’s circles at four institutions in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts: (1) FMC Devens (a Bureau of Prisons facility in Ayer, MA); (2) Bay State Correctional Center (a Massachusetts Department of Correction facility in Norfolk, MA); (3) MCI-Cedar Junction (a Massachusetts Department of Correction facility in Walpole, MA); and (4) Hampshire County House of Correction (a Hampshire County Facility in Northampton, MA).

JCP has organized and sponsored two Intensive Trainings in June and July of 2005 at FMC Devens and Bay State Correctional Center. These trainings, taking place over 25-30 contact hours, involved a combined staff of 24 outside facilitators and 23 inmates.

In 2005, JCP instituted a new program—“Daddy Stories”— at FMC Devens supported by the Helen and William Mazer Foundation. This program enables inmates to be video-taped reading stories to their children and grandchildren. The tapes and stories are then sent to the children to strengthen the connection between young children and their incarcerated fathers and grandfathers.