Global Horizon Fund


National Economy

GDP growth rate
GNI (PPP) per capita
Annual inflation rate (change)
Gross domestic savings rate
Govít. deficit/surplus (% GDP)
Current account balance (% GDP)
External debt (% GDP)
Debt services/exports
International reserves (non-gold)


Trade (% of GDP)
Foreign direct investment (% GDP)
Portfolio investment (liability)
Value of stocks traded (% GDP)

Business Environment

Gross fixed capital formation
Economic Freedom Index
Corruptions Perception Index
Real exchange rate (change)
Money velocity (GDP/M2)
Interest rate spread (over LIBOR)
Government spending (% GDP)
Time to start a business (days)


Information Aptitude

Newspaper readership (per 1000)
Literacy rate (adult)
Tertiary students enrolled in math, science, engineering
Gross enrollment primary, secondary, tertiary education (% of eligible age)
English as primary business language

Information Infrastructure

PCs in residential use (per 1000)
Telephone mainlines (per 1000)
Cable TV households (per 1000)
Satellite coverage
Telephone faults (per 1000)
Price international phone calls
Fixed and mobile phone subscribers

Information Distribution

Newspaper publishers (per 100,000)
Radio and TV services (per 100,000)
TV ownership (per 1000)
International passenger arrivals (% of population)
ICT expenditures (% GDP)
Press Freedom Index
Internet users (per 1000)
Secure Internet servers (per 1,000 Internet users)
Internet price (% monthly GNI)


Stability and Development

Income distribution (GINI Index)
Gender empowerment measure (GEM)
Ratio girls/boys in primary and secondary education
Unemployment rate
Refugees as % of population
Territorial disputes
Political Rights Index
Independent Rule of CECENTRA Law
Passenger vehicles in use (per 1000)
Road quality (% paved)

Health & Welfare

Life expectancy
Labor force growth rate
National healthcare program (% coverage/expenditures)
Population 65+
Physicians (per 1000)
Grain acreage under cultivation
per capita
Daily Calorie Supply

Natural Environment

Protected land (as % of total area)
CO2 emissions (tons per capita)
Population with access to clean water
Government Commitment to the Environment (protocols signed)