Audio , CSS , HTML , PHP , WordPress

Warren Mendonsa, a buddy, was releasing a new album and was giving it away for free on the intertubes. He wanted a really simple promotional simple website and forum for his fans. I used the obvious colors in the band name, kept everything nice and big, and created a mood that fit the music.


Dec 15, 2009Launched version 2 of the site to coincide with the release of the 2nd album. Warren needed more control of the site to manage and moderate updates, comments, add show dates etc. WordPress handles the CMS and I completely stripped down and adapted the Capricorn Theme by Shaibanii. The music pages are run on bandcamp and I integrated his Twitter feed. I hope to eventually bring back the integrated music player from the old site.


Apr 20, 2007This is the version 1 site done completely in Flash with a very raw PHP interface handling the backend and a Simple Machines forum. All the artwork was courtesy his girlfriend.


Made in India


A client friend wanted a very low key site to send out to prospective sponsors and investors for a documentary she is making about outsourcing surrogacy to India. The trailer and clips haven’t been released just yet so no video.


Apr 26, 2011Launched version 3 of the site. I continue to refine, and expand the content while simultaneously keeping if clean, and organized


Mar 13, 2010Launched version 2 of the site. It expanded across all the sections so they needed a bigger layout with the information better organized into sections. The site is continuing to grow so I needed to have a simple layout to which I can continually add content and design. In an effort to give them more control over the content I moved it into runs Movable Type as it’s CMS.


Feb 13, 2008The original site: 1 page. I had about 1/2 a day to get it running. It was a simple HTML site with screenshots and information.


Dorian Spencer

Actionscript , Audio , CSS , Flash , MySQL , PHP , Video , XML

Dorian’s a pretty talented indie musician friend. I created a strong identity and logo for him; then used them to redesign his old website based around his music.


Jun 23, 2008The site finally outgrew its humble Flash beginnings. This was part of a complete redesign and an attempt to move it to a more manageable Drupal CMS and HTML based site so Dorian could update all the content himself. Unfortunately we decided to shelve it before it was completed. I hope to work with him again someday to realize this design or any other that may happen.


Jan 31, 2006Tweaked the layout and expanded it to accommodate more content.


Sep 13, 2005This is the first redesign and was done completely in Flash with PHP, MySQL, and XML running in the back to help manage the content.


Global Horizon Fund


Here’s a more corporate project I worked on as an in-house designer for the investment firm which currently employs me. It grew out of a printed brochure I did for them. I have no idea what the fund is about so I concentrated on making the tables, charts, and graphs look pretty (I’m joking… well only half joking).


May 9, 2006Site is live.


Ethno Frames

Actionscript , Flash , PHP , Video , XML

This is a for documentary production company that deals with subject matter related to my ethnic background (Indian). I created a quick logo, kept it clean and simple, just my style, and put in little dashes of Indianicity??? to give it some flair. It’s in Flash, making it easier to hande their video, with an updatable database for the content.


CurrentlyWorking on Version 2 of the site. Here’s the current mockup.


Apr 2, 2008Site went live.


H2 Hair and Beauty

CSS , HTML , PHP , Video , WordPress

A friend started up his own beauty, and cosmetics store after working in the business for a few years. He needed me to take his logo, and create a quick, simple site based around it. I built it around WordPress to give him control of updating the deals he has at the store, and integrated his Facebook feed as per his request.


Aug 9, 2011 Site is live.


Jericho Circle Project

Audio , CSS , HTML , PHP

This was the first HTML website I ever worked on and was born out of a class group project. My friend Lawrence Kwong and I created the website, identity, and stationery for this non-profit organization. They run a men’s support group in prisons for both the prisoners, and ex-cons leaving the system and trying to re-adjust to society. The biggest challenge was to deal with the dark subject matter yet keep an elegant feel to the various pieces. We collaborated on all the design and I concentrated on the Flash introduction and HTML coding for the website.


Dec 11, 2005For this next version I took over all the site design and moved it completely to CSS and HTML with some PHP thrown in so that I only needed to update the dynamic sections and could leave the static sections to themselves. I kept the Flash intro as instructed. The main benefit was easier maintenance of the content and layout for both the client and myself.


May 17, 2003This is first version of the site done in collaboration with Larry. We were discovering web design at the time so it was done with HTML, Tables, Photoshop, and a little bit of Flash for the intro. We were heavily influenced by print design techniques at the time.


101 Web Design Show

Actionscript , Audio , Flash , PHP , XML

Here lies a personal pet project. My good buddy Jin Kato and I recorded and produced a podcast called 101 Web Design Show; agreed, not the greatest name. We tackled topics that we came across in our projects and looked at methods and solutions from a light-hearted just-starting-out-in-web-design point of view; along with all the mistakes and experimentation that happens. All credit for the design goes to Jin. For v2.0 I spiffied it up for easier maintenance; streamlined, and organized the various files we were using; unified the design; and added the message board. The most controversial decision we made was creating the site in Flash and we took a lot of flack for it. Our reason? At the time we were both quite proficient in Flash and were able to quickly put together all the functionality we needed while writing, recording, editing, and producing the show. We’re on an indefinate hiatus right now and fingers crossed, we’ll find the time to continue.


Feb 10, 2006Site is live.


Lens on Hip


“The Best Camera Is The One That’s With You”, said Chase Jarvis. I picked up an iPhone when it came out in 2007 and have since been a supporter of the platform. It gradually grew to replace almost all my other portable devices and is currently the only electronic gadget I have with me at all times. I initially used the built-in camera just because it was there but slowly began to appreciate just how good the software was even though the hardware was lacking. As both the hardware and software have improved over time, and with the plethora of photography and design Apps now available, I’m able to get some good results and have joined the ever-growing movement of iPhoneographers. This is a blog to showcase what I consider the better results of my experimentation and done purely because I enjoy doing it.


Feb 5, 2010


Earl Misquitta

CSS , Flash , HTML , Javascript , MySQL , PHP

Finally, here is a selected evolution of my personal website; the one you’re currently on. I’ve always found it tough to design for myself; to be objective about my own design. I technically know my client pretty well, and therefore want to incorporate everything I love. It ends up being a mishmash of too many ideas and styles so I found it best to stay simple, organize the information, and let my actual client work speak for itself. As for the colors, I’ve always been attracted to the black, white, and red combination and have used it ever since I first started designing my own identity; 2 ends of the spectrum with a highlight color thrown in. I’m a big fan of mathematical layout. The spacing, font sizes, lengths, widths, margins, paddings, border thickness, for example, all derive off a base number like 3px or 5px. It becomes an easy way of determining sizes so you’re never left wondering what number to use. Our minds seem to logically accept it though I do leave some interpretation open to eyeballing and a feel for design that comes with experience. I’m a big believer in hierarchy and spacing. It drives good organization and flow.


Aug 10, 2010Launched current version of site. It’s an amalgamation of my previous versions with a continued focus on simplification and organization as the site continues to grow. I moved it completely to Movable Type to ease the maintenance process. I wanted to bring in some of the feel of an Application interface and used some JQuery for the transitions. I’m currently trying to make it more accessible especially to generate urls in the address bar that can be linked to directly.

Apr 17, 2008I finally started to move away from Flash and its myriad of issues with maintenance, and breaking browser behavior. I decided to go with a single scrollable page with my entire portfolio on it, simple explanations, and nice large images of the projects.


Oct 30, 2007Here I wanted to give more space to the site, make the images and text bigger, and to give every element it’s own space rather than them crammed together. Once again done in Flash.


Mar 08, 2005This was the first version where I tried to move away from the more graphical layout that came naturally with being a Print designer first. No fancy concepts and navigation that needed to be explained; just quick access to my work and information. All done in Flash.