Welcome! I've been designing, and developing websites for about 8 years now. I love creating a piece of work that people can interact, and play with while still communicating an effective message. Poke around – if you like what you see, get in touch.

Earl Misquitta

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Finally, here is a selected evolution of my personal website; the one you’re currently on. I’ve always found it tough to design for myself; to be objective about my own design. I technically know my client pretty well, and therefore want to incorporate everything I love. It ends up being a mishmash of too many ideas and styles so I found it best to stay simple, organize the information, and let my actual client work speak for itself. As for the colors, I’ve always been attracted to the black, white, and red combination and have used it ever since I first started designing my own identity; 2 ends of the spectrum with a highlight color thrown in. I’m a big fan of mathematical layout. The spacing, font sizes, lengths, widths, margins, paddings, border thickness, for example, all derive off a base number like 3px or 5px. It becomes an easy way of determining sizes so you’re never left wondering what number to use. Our minds seem to logically accept it though I do leave some interpretation open to eyeballing and a feel for design that comes with experience. I’m a big believer in hierarchy and spacing. It drives good organization and flow.


Aug 10, 2010Launched current version of site. It’s an amalgamation of my previous versions with a continued focus on simplification and organization as the site continues to grow. I moved it completely to Movable Type to ease the maintenance process. I wanted to bring in some of the feel of an Application interface and used some JQuery for the transitions. I’m currently trying to make it more accessible especially to generate urls in the address bar that can be linked to directly.

Apr 17, 2008I finally started to move away from Flash and its myriad of issues with maintenance, and breaking browser behavior. I decided to go with a single scrollable page with my entire portfolio on it, simple explanations, and nice large images of the projects.


Oct 30, 2007Here I wanted to give more space to the site, make the images and text bigger, and to give every element it’s own space rather than them crammed together. Once again done in Flash.


Mar 08, 2005This was the first version where I tried to move away from the more graphical layout that came naturally with being a Print designer first. No fancy concepts and navigation that needed to be explained; just quick access to my work and information. All done in Flash.


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