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101 Web Design Show

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Here lies a personal pet project. My good buddy Jin Kato and I recorded and produced a podcast called 101 Web Design Show; agreed, not the greatest name. We tackled topics that we came across in our projects and looked at methods and solutions from a light-hearted just-starting-out-in-web-design point of view; along with all the mistakes and experimentation that happens. All credit for the design goes to Jin. For v2.0 I spiffied it up for easier maintenance; streamlined, and organized the various files we were using; unified the design; and added the message board. The most controversial decision we made was creating the site in Flash and we took a lot of flack for it. Our reason? At the time we were both quite proficient in Flash and were able to quickly put together all the functionality we needed while writing, recording, editing, and producing the show. We’re on an indefinate hiatus right now and fingers crossed, we’ll find the time to continue.


Feb 10, 2006Site is live.


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